Making Space for God

In the busy, harried pace of life, we can often go into auto-pilot mode, barely coming up for air or noticing.  For instance, if you’ve ever been driving somewhere you frequent, only to arrive and realize you don’t even remember the journey of getting there, your auto-pilot mode was in full gear.

That might be okay for the bi-weekly trip to the grocery store, or to your kids’ school, but it’s no way to live.  For life to be all God created it to be (abundant, fruitful, purpose-led, etc.), then we must be intentional.  And especially as it relates to our relationship with God.  Rather than God being an afterthought, or worst, an emergency whisperer for when we feel we just can’t figure something out, God should be our priority.  Always.

So how do you shift into the mode of making more space for God in your everyday life? K.I.S.S. – keep it simple, sweetheart. :). Seriously, start with the basics of how you’d cultivate any relationship that’s important to you.  Investing in time together (fellowship in the Word, praise, meditation, etc.), listening and sharing (prayer), and telling others about this very special person in your life.

From there, the Holy Spirit will join you in cultivating the most fulfilling, secure, exciting, blessed communion and relationship with God, that you could ever imagine.  So start today.  With 5 minutes or 15.  Feast on the Word and word-based resources (like books –ahem, my devotional :-), podcasts, blogs, music, articles, etc.) to draw closer and make increasing space for God in your life.  He’ll bring His goodness, love, mercy, grace, compassion, favor, protection, wisdom, joy, peace–and ALL that He is–with Him and you’ll discover life the way He always designed for you to experience it.

How can you make more space for God in your life and sphere of influence today?




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